Do your hands & fingers hurt?

Enny Velasquez – Grandma, Wife, Caregiver, Music Teacher in South Texas for over 30 years!

Hi, my name is Enny Velasquez and I knew what it was like to have hands & fingers that hurt all the time!

Fortunately, I had way too many responsibilities to just give up. I needed to keep my hands & fingers functional in order to continue working, supporting our family, and taking care of my aging mother.

In my search for a solution, I found that the PIANO is actually a great tool for improving the functional flexibility, mobility, range of motion, strength, and manual dexterity of your hands & fingers.

That’s why I’ve co-founded this project DailyFingerFitness, born out of my desire to find a simple & natural solution for my hand & finger pain without having to take medications or resort to other more invasive & expensive solutions.

Today, I am happy to announce we have opened up a beta-test round of our first product…

“10-Minute Finger Fitness”

A 10-Minute Finger Fitness Workout for anyone who’s experienced how aches & pains in their hands & fingers can hold them back from enjoying their daily lives for years to comeā€¦

If you’ve made it this far, then chances are you’d like to find some relief for your hand & finger pain (or know someone that does).